I’m Andrei Baciu, a developer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I love all things tech, whether they’re cutting-edge innovations or retro classics.

My Projects

While this section could be much larger, I have chosen to showcase the projects that reveal my aptitude and interests.

  • Sunny - A Discord bot that provides advanced osu! statistics, music playback and more.
  • Clair - Clair is an air quality monitoring system, made by Team Reboot during a hackathon with Bosch Engineering as our mentor. It was an opportunity to learn full stack development and some hardware engineering.
  • aiosu - aiosu is a simple and fast asynchronous library for interacting with the osu! API.

Blogging Journey

This website serves as both my personal blog and a platform to showcase my projects. Posts may not be regular, but this is easier to follow than my Twitter ramblings.

Feel free to reach out to me using the linked contact options as I am always open to help and collaboration.

Thanks for visiting!